Beauty Hacks I Swear By

Beauty Hacks I Swear By

When my skin is looking its best, that's when I feel most confident. My friend and expert, Nurse Jamie, is an absolute gold mine of knowledge when it comes to keeping your skin glowing and young! I love going to Nurse Jamie's offices — her treatments miraculously remove sun damage with her various magic lasers and techniques that only she can do!

But it's the things you do everyday that really make a difference. Nurse Jaime makes a special memory foam pillow that I use at home that prevents wrinkles. It's covered in a silky satin case, which is good for both your hair and skin, and it's shaped in a way that your face doesn't wrinkle when you sleep.

Also, Nurse Jamie's triangle facial beauty tool is one of those things you don't realize you need, until you have one! It's a sonic massager that I use on my face after applying my moisturizer. It helps make your skin absorb serums and creams and also helps sculpt and make your skin glow.

I also try to get outside for a little sunshine to get Vitamin D whenever I get a chance. Then, of course, I always try to wear a daily moisturizer with SPF 40. And everyone, including Nurse Jamie, always remind me to drink lots of water, so I'm trying to get better at that too!


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