Jewelry Advice If You're Going To Splurge

Jewelry Advice If You're Going To Splurge

People are always asking me what my favorite fine jewelry brands are, especially if you're going to splurge. It's such a hard question for me because I may be one of the most jewelry obsessed people ever!

I have been styling from the archives of Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and Bulgari for my entire career and it is truly an honor to touch these amazing pieces and style looks for the red carpet with them. When you're buying fine jewelry for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays and holidays, you can't go wrong with pieces from these marquis brands. I have so many favorites from Cartier like their love bracelets, Juste en Clou collection and their beautiful watches. Tiffany & Co. just launched a line of heavy chain necklaces that are high on my wish list and also I love their new lock bangles. Anything in a little blue box is going to stay in your collection forever.

I'm an investor and ambassador for Oscar Massin jewelry, a luxury heritage brand that uses the most extraordinary lab grown diamonds and recycled gold in their designs. I'm really into their engagement rings and lab grown diamonds is a big trend for eco-conscious couples these days. Rodger has gotten me some really special Anita Ko pieces over the years for our anniversaries. I wear her choker necklaces and bracelets everyday. David Webb is another favorite. Most of his pieces are on my forever wish list. I am obsessed with his chandelier earrings, cocktail rings and oversized necklaces - David Webb is my go-to for red-carpet events. Jennifer Meyer is also one of my favorite fine jewelry designers to both give and receive! Her line has amazing keepsake pieces that I have collected over the years with my kids initials on them - the personalized pieces are such great gifts.

My list of favorites can go on and on, but in general, my advice for fine jewelry is you can never go wrong with the classics. Find ones you can wear everyday and they will become part of your uniform - worth every penny!

Wearing Giambattista Valli Haute Couture for the Baby2Baby Gala in Los Angeles.

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