Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings

Eco-Friendly Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to diamonds, a lot has changed in the last few decades. The technology to make lab-grown, climate-neutral diamonds is finally here—and it's fascinating!

I am an investor in the French heritage jeweler, Oscar Massin, who uses lab-grown diamonds for all their designs. Oscar Massin uses a specific type of eco-friendly diamond from Latitude, a laboratory that makes diamonds that are visually, physically and atomically identical to earth mined stones. This specific diamond lab works with the Climate & Clean Air Coalition to offset its carbon impact.

There are several different styles of engagement rings and pavé wedding bands all made with lab-grown diamonds. You can also design your own ring and customize everything from the stone to the setting online.

If you or someone you know is about to get engaged (or if you're like me and simply like looking at diamonds), click the image below to see the full collection!

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