I absolutely love fall fashion, always have. The runway shows in September and October bring out the world's best, most provocative street style in NYC, London, Paris and Milan. I especially love seeing the trends I wouldn't wear myself. There's nothing better than seeing someone on the street owning a bold fashion moment in all their glory.

In my closet at home, I tend to switch out my summer linen dresses for wide-leg trousers and silk blouses. My open-toe sandals and flip-flops (yes, I own a pair or two) switch to platform pumps and suede boots.

But out of all the wardrobe swaps that come along with fall, the most important piece to me, is a great power jacket. Over the years, I have come to realize that getting dressed in a hurry is made easy with a strong go-to jacket. Especially when I became a mom, after the kids are off to school, I can get dressed on autopilot for work if I know which jacket I'm going to wear.

Often I'll wear tux pants, a silk blouse, platform Louboutin pumps and then I'll throw a jacket over my shoulders. In my closet I have 3 jacket styles that dominate: tweed jackets (mostly from Chanel), leather motorcycle jackets (many are from YSL, Balmain and Burberry) and blazers (from designers like Stella McCartney, Givenchy, Gucci and The Row).

But you don't need many, in fact, if you have one jacket that you love in a color that works with your mainstays, you'll find this layer can make any outfit. If color isn't your thing, go with something in a classic black or navy.

Also, it's not something you have to buy every season, since most blazers and jackets work for years. I've had some of my Chanel tweed jackets since the beginning of my career, and I still wear them. What, you may ask, is on my shopping radar this fall? Honestly, since so many of my power jackets have stood the test of time, I'm more focused on buying post-pandemic shoes...But more on that later!

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