The Value Of A Thank-You

The Value Of A Thank-You

Whenever someone sends me a lovely hand-written letter, I always keep it. I absolutely treasure the boxes of letters I've received over the years from friends, clients and designers. Rereading these notes transports me to different parts of my life and career...The really good ones always bring back amazing memories and major nostalgia, even years (or decades!) after being written.

I keep personalized notecards from Cartier and Tiffany in my carry-on when I'm traveling, so I can write notes when I'm on the plane. Although hardcopy correspondence is my favorite method, it's not always possible to send a handwritten letter via snail mail. Email thank-you notes are often my default since I can send them in between meetings or when I'm at an airport. Of course, "better late than never" is always the case with thank-you notes and emails, but to stay on top of it, I like to send them right away.

I've always said never underestimated the value of a thank-you...And in this moment in time, I think that's more true than ever.

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